Creepy Advertising, Part 2

Advertisers love online behavioral advertising because targeted ads are more effective than generic, untargeted ads, and thus, fetch higher prices. Behavioral targeting has been shown to produce higher click-through rates compared to no targeting. The estimates of the extent of improvement in click-through rates, as found in several studies, vary from 20% to a factor of six. … [Read more...]

Creepy Advertising, Part 1

Happy Halloween! To get into the spirit of the holiday, I’ll tackle a topic that is perceived as scarier than a horror movie. I’m talking about the creepy privacy-tampering marketing ritual called online behavioral advertising, or OBA, for short. OBA is a method used by online publishers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by capturing website and … [Read more...]

Privacy in the Cloud, Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned some of the threats and vulnerabilities to data in the cloud. To reduce the risks posed by these threats and vulnerabilities, consumers and organizations can use privacy-enhancing technologies in the cloud. One of the most common technology used in a cloud environment is the use of encryption and digital signatures. Since the cloud is a … [Read more...]