Creepy Advertising, Part 1

Happy Halloween! To get into the spirit of the holiday, I’ll tackle a topic that is perceived as scarier than a horror movie. I’m talking about the creepy privacy-tampering marketing ritual called online behavioral advertising, or OBA, for short. OBA … [Continue reading]

SAP Security Model

Most literature about SAP security usually points to internal controls such as user access and authorizations. Internal controls in this sense are the processes to ensure reliable financial reporting and compliance with regulations such as … [Continue reading]

Compliance is Not Security

Compliance is not equal to security. These are two different beasts although they may have similar objectives. When I was a Big4 consultant, I saw how consulting firms and security vendors gained financial success during the first few years of … [Continue reading]

Privacy in the Cloud, Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned some of the threats and vulnerabilities to data in the cloud. To reduce the risks posed by these threats and vulnerabilities, consumers and organizations can use privacy-enhancing technologies in the cloud. One of the … [Continue reading]

Privacy in the Cloud, Part 1

Cloud computing holds great promises and offers many benefits to consumers and organizations alike such as lower costs, convenience, scalability, speed of deployment, and location independence. Despite these advantages, using cloud computing for … [Continue reading]